Meet EB Industries at Aeromart Montreal

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We are exhibiting at Aeromart in Montreal. Come north and say hello, or contact us now for a free pass to the show.

Although we work in a global economy it can sometimes be difficult to meet face-to-face with our international clients. This is why at EB Industries we think it is important to attend trade shows and conferences throughout the year to meet and interact with industry professionals and our customers. This year we will be participating in Aeromart Montreal from March 30th – April 2nd, 2015. This event is a unique opportunity for aerospace professionals to meet face-to-face with suppliers. Unlike other shows, which typically feature a large expo floor, Aeromart Montreal arranges targeted meetings so companies and attendees can get the most out of the four day event.

EB Industries will be taking appointments with aerospace professionals who would like to learn more about our services and capabilities. Our company has been providing aerospace welding services since we were originally founded in 1965. Over the past 50 years we have gone from providing parts to the Apollo missions to welding pieces for commercial satellites. We understand the demands and complexities of the aerospace industry, and our precision welding capabilities can meet your unique requirements.

Our EB welding services are particularly well-suited to the aerospace industry, as this provides a precise and clean weld with a very small heat affected zone. EB welding also allows for joining dissimilar metals that may not be weldable with conventional methods and materials remain strong with welds up to 95% of the strength of the base material. We also offer laser hermetic sealing service that is ideal for highly sensitive electronic parts, such as flight and mission critical electronic components. At EB Industries we employ a four step process to protect the sensitive electronic equipment. Laser hermetic sealing is also the most cost effective and durable way for aerospace companies to protect their parts in harsh environments.