EB Industries is a single-source service provider of all production requirements. We offer a wide range of secondary services that complement our welding and hermetic sealing services.

Our Secondary Services include:

Assembly – EBI maintains a dedicated staff for assembling customer parts prior to welding. We have the capability to perform many operations including parts cleaning, tack welding, press fitting, screwing, riveting, and electrical wiring.

CAD/CAM Product Design – EBI has experienced CAD/CAM designers on staff. We utilize the latest software tools including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Ashlar-Vellum, and BobCAD-CAM.

Contract Manufacturing – EBI can provide full contract manufacturing for individual parts and complex assemblies. This build to print service utilizes our exclusive network of partners including exceptional machine shops and secondary operation providers such as cutting, stamping, and plating.

Laser and Electron Beam Welding Engineering – EBI has extensive engineering capabilities related to joint design and metallurgy for precision welding. Since 1965 we have helped hundreds of customer design solutions to difficult welding challenges.

Metallurgical Evaluation – EBI has a complete onsite materials lab for analyzing parts and assemblies pre and post weld.

Material Selection & Joint Design – This service involves EBI reviewing prototype or existing joint designs to make sure the materials and joint configuration are compatible with the desired welding process, and weld requirements. This service is one of our most widely utilized services.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) – EBI partners with nondestructive testing (NDT) laboratories for other types of weld testing including x-ray and dye penetrant to name a few. These 3rd party entities issue certified and unbiased reports on welds.

Strategic Sourcing/Supply Chain Integration – EBI has extensive expertise with sourcing materials, parts, and outside operations. We also have significant experience integrating our services with our customer’s supply chains.

Thermal Treating – Depending on the metal alloy, certain parts may require thermal treatment either before or after the welding operation. EBI has several methods to heat treat parts including standard heat treatment ovens and vacuum bake ovens. We also have the ability to heat treat parts utilizing the energy from the Electron Beam welding machines.

Tool Design and Fabrication – Since 1965 we have been designing and building tooling for precision welding applications. We have tooling expertise ranging from simple mechanical holding fixtures to purpose built, CNC controlled, automated welding machines.