Benefits of Laser Welding

Laser welding is a versatile and cost effective way to join metal parts. This article explores some of the reasons why laser welding might be appropriate for your application.

Laser welding or laser beam welding is one of the most widely known, accurate types of welding processes. It is a non-contact, high power density welding process used to join multiple pieces of material together using energy emanating from a laser beam. Aerospace, defense and military, medical, electronics, petrochemical refining, communications and energy are some of the common areas where laser welding techniques are applied extensively.

  • Deep weld penetration and minimized heat inputs are the special characteristics that set laser welded products apart from other conventional welding processes;
  • Pulsed or continuous laser beams are used depending upon the welding application;
  • There are many types of laser welding available and the most popular types include Nd:YAG laser welding, CO2 laser welding, and diode pumped laser welding;
  • Deep narrow welds, without any distortion, and minimal heat-affected zones can be obtained using our laser welding machines that can function at increased travel speeds.

Application Advantages of Laser Welding

Low power control is established through minimal heat inputs, which process consistent weld depths from 0.001 to 0.250 inches. We possess capabilities to undertake precision laser welding of foils, thin sensor diaphragms, and all other components, for which accurate weld depths are necessary. Our ability to undertake precision welding for dissimilar metals to perfection without the use of additional filler materials illustrates the versatility of our processes.

Cost Effective No physical constraints of an enclosure or vacuum chamber enables simplified setup, rapid cycling, and less complex single station tooling.
Low Power Control Precision welding of foils, thin sensor diaphragms and other critical components that demand consistent weld depths from 0.001″ to 0.250″ processed with minimal heat input.
Low Heat Pulsed lasers can help keep critical electronics and other components cool.
Versatility Dissimilar metals can be welded without the need for additional filler materials.

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