When You Need Parts Immediately

Our Expedited Services Processing can drastically reduce the lead time required to weld your parts.

Depending on complexity and quantity, ESP can turn your parts around in as little as an hour, with half-day to one-day being the average turnaround time.

Again, the exact turnaround depends on weld complexity and quantities.

Expedited Services Processing begins the moment your parts are in-house at EBI. They’re checked in, inspected and immediately placed onto a waiting weld station, or stations, depending on the quantity involved. Welded parts are inspected and tested to whatever your requirement demands, then packed and are ready for shipment or pick-up.

ESP is fast, with no reduction in quality or customer service.

If you need Expedited Services Processing, please call us at ‭1-631-293-8565.

Getting Parts to EBI

Local Delivery and Pick-Up

If your company is located in the Metro New York area, you can drop-off and pick-up your parts at our Farmingdale, New York facility. We are located approximately 45 minutes from New York City. We can process your parts while your courier waits, and we can also get and deliver parts from your facility if it is within our service area.

Airport Options for Outside of Metro New York

EB Industries is located within 40 minutes of three major airports – John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Long Island MacArthur. We can arrange courier/pick-up/drop-off services if required.

Additionally, we are located five minutes from Republic Airport, which offers yet another extremely fast option, which is preferred by several of our aerospace customers.

Commercial Shipping

Many of our customers ship parts to us via FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., and request Expedited Services Processing. In these cases, we institute a watch for your parts at our receiving area, and your parts are pulled and put into processing the moment they’re in-house.

How it Works

EBI already has industry leading turnaround times. Even without ESP, we deliver parts faster than our competitors. Our Expedited Services Processing is essentially moving your project to the head of an already very fast moving line.

Our production services are efficient by design. Speed with no reduction in quality or service is built into everything we do.

Maintenance and Uptime

A key to providing fast service is having extra “surge capacity” in our shop for any project we are working on. We do this by having at least two machines available for any project. This requires having very low machine downtimes.

Preventative maintenance and machine calibration and testing are things we take seriously. We also schedule preventative maintenance activities strategically so that machines are consistently maintained without cutting into peak hours in our shop. Low machine downtime is a point of pride for our maintenance staff.

Experienced Operators, Shift Redundancy

Extra machine capacity is wasted unless there are capable operators and inspectors available to step in on a project. Our internal qualification process insures that we have trained, highly experienced personnel available should the need arise. We also have flexibility in our shop scheduling, which allows us to add staff and shift hours to a project in order to move it quickly through the shop.

In-House Machine Shop

We design and fabricate custom tooling for many of our projects. In fact, this is our preferred way of working, especially when EB welding.

Electron Beam welding occurs in a vacuum, and pumping the vacuum chamber of the welder up and down as parts cycle in and out can be a significant factor in production speed. Our in-house tooling is designed to optimize the number of parts in the chamber during a welding cycle, while also providing beam access to all weld areas. The result is that, with proper tooling, we can weld more parts quickly with absolutely no reduction in weld quality. There is a difference between rushing a project and simply having an efficient process. Our customers rely on us for the latter.

Having a full machine shop in-house also allows us to make custom tooling quickly, as the need for it arises. So if a customer has an expedited part, there’s no waiting for a job shop to make fixtures and ship them to us, we just make it ourselves and get going with the needed welding. And if we’re welding your parts, we keep your tooling in our “library” for when your project comes up again.

Finally, we can construct tooling for prototyping and new development projects. This allows us to anticipate production requirements, get ahead of schedules and further decrease lead times.

In-House Testing

To keep jobs moving, we have our own internal metallurgical lab when the requirements dictate that a specified penetration achieved needs to be verified. Shipping parts out for this type of testing slows things down, which is why we perform all of our own destructive testing as well as non-destructive testing, such as gross and fine leak testing. Because of the variety of testing requirements from our customers, we have built an excellent network of local testing labs if there’s a test we don’t do in-house, such as radiographic and dye penetrant inspection. These labs are able to support us in an expedited manner to help us maintain our strict timelines.

The Bottom Line: Fast and Flexible

We are well aware that welding is typically something which occurs towards the end of the supply chain when there is usually little slack left in that supply chain. Our normal services are very fast; if you need even faster, then we can meet you there, too. We’re here to support and collaborate with you, so that all lead times and deadlines are met with as little stress to you as possible.