Technical Questions

Q: Can electron beam or laser welding replace brazing?

A: Yes, we have many customers who decide to replace brazing operations with precision welding.  The advantages are welding provides a uniform and strong joint without the need to clean out flux or other residue.

Q: Can copper be welded to stainless steel?

A: Yes, electron beam welding is a perfect solution for joining dissimilar material such as copper and stainless steel.  Check out our Welding Compatibility Chart for details of other alloys that can be welded.

Q: Can Titanium be welded to a different material such as copper or stainless steel?

A: No,  Titanium does not weld well to other materials.

Q: Can laser welding replace TIG welding?

A: Yes, laser welding is an excellent replacement welding method to TIG for the right application. The biggest advantage is lasers can weld at feed rates about ten times greater than TIG, thus speeding up production and decreasing costs. The down side is laser welding generally requires tooling and some form of CNC control to manipulate the part as opposed to a human hand.

General Questions

Q: What is your usual turnaround time?

A: Fast, quality service is one of EBI’s strengths. Our normal turnaround time is one to two weeks. If your job requires same day or next day service we will do our best to accommodate you; however there will be an additional expedite charge.

Q: What are EBI’s laser cutting capabilities?

A: EBI provides laser cutting and laser drilling services of materials up to .05″ thick.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 5:30PM, but we are available outside of these hours to meet our customers’ needs.