EB Industries Featured in The Fabricator Magazine’s August Issue

We recently wrote a very comprehensive article on the differences between electron beam and laser beam welding for The Fabricator Magazine. Read on for details.

EB Industries, LLC, a leading provider of electron beam welding, laser welding and hermetic laser sealing services, was recently featured in the August issue of “The Fabricator” magazine. The piece debates which process is best suited for the fabrication of a part and discusses the pros and cons of both EB welding and laser welding.

The article explains that electron beam and laser welding are excellent means to fuse metals. Both processes are flexible, versatile, and when properly applied can make strong welds. The choice of which to use lies at the intersection of the weld requirements and the particularities of each process.

The magazine article was authored by John DeLalio, Director of Business Development for EB Industries. “EB Industries has over 50 years of experience as a company providing welding solutions for a wide variety of industries. We consult with major OEM’s, medical companies and defense firms on a regular basis regarding their welding challenges. Our article is an effort to give a basic understanding of both electron beam welding and laser welding and where each process may be best suited,” DeLalio said.

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The complete article may be found at http://www.thefabricator.com/article/laserwelding/electron-beam-or-laser-beam-welding-