Laser Hermetic Sealing

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Laser hermetic sealing is an excellent way to protect delicate components in harsh environments. In space,or underwater, or in the human body, a modern laser hermetically sealed package will outperform a traditionally sealed package in almost all criteria.

Laser hermetic sealing is another fusion welding process that employs laser welding technology. Medical, semiconductor, defense, aerospace, transportation, power generation, and construction are some of the common industries that require laser hermetic sealing process for products.

  • Hermetic seals, which offer 100% protection against moisture, are produced using high temperature sealing techniques;
  • In the high temperature sealing technique, a high-energy laser beam is directed on the materials to be processed to raise their temperature and transform them into liquid states. Molten materials thus combine together and then cool rapidly to produce the hermetic seal;
  • Accurate sealing material selection and proper weld configuration are crucial for optimizing the final yield;
  • Low leak rates, low heat input, high consistency, and higher yields are significant advantages of hermetic sealing.

Application Advantages of Laser Hermetic Sealing

Parts are generally laser sealed after vacuum baking to less than 1 ppm of oxygen and moisture, which improves the performance characteristics of parts compared to that of any other conventional epoxy, solder and mechanical seals. Our welding processes use minimal heat so that sensitive, precision components are protected from thermal damage likely to be caused by methods using higher temperatures.

High reliability Designed for long term performance in the harshest and most demanding environments.
No Thermal Damage Minimal heat produced, protecting precision components from destructive high temperatures found with solder seals.
Dry and Oxygen Free After a vacuum bake, parts are laser sealed in less than 1 ppm (parts per million) of oxygen and moisture providing a level of performance that conventional epoxy, solder and mechanical seals cannot fulfill.

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