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EB Industries is a leading provider of hermetic electronic packaging services. We have sealed thousands of highly sensitive electronic packages in many different applications. Some of the most delicate and critical work we do – tiny components that must be rendered impervious – happens in our ESD safe and FOD free glove box environments.

When To Use Laser Hermetic Sealing

High Reliability

Laser welding provides an exceptionally durable hermetic seal, much more so than epoxy, soldering, or mechanical seals.

Won’t Damage Electrical Parts

Laser beam welding has a very narrow heat affected zone, so hermetic sealing can be performed in very close proximity to sensitive electrical components.

Oxygen and Moisture Free

Vacuum baked assemblies exhibit less than 1 ppm (parts per million) oxygen and moisture – this is a level of performance that conventional epoxy, solder, and mechanical seals cannot possibly match. The overall glovebox laser welding environment ensures that assemblies remain free of oxidizing contaminants from start to finish.

Flexibility of Container Material

Because Laser Welding can join dissimilar materials and also crack sensitive materials, engineers have a wide range of material options to use in the packaging of the inner components.

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Client Testimonials

Their Technical skills are what sets them apart. They are easy to work with and have a good technical team – Engineer Manager at a major aerospace & defense company
We are always happy with the quality of the work. They really know what they’re doing. - Purchasing Agent at a precision machining shop
The people who work there are exceptional. They get things done for us in a timely fashion. - Senior Buyer at an aerospace component manufacturer

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