Published on: June 13, 2012

The workforce on Long Island has been problematic for tech industry. EBI is partnering with Wilson Tech to make sure we have the work force we need in the future.

In an effort to recruit the next generation of EB Industries’ workforce and bring electron beam and laser technology as a career field into the spotlight nationally and locally, we have entered into a partnership with Wilson Tech’s NYS Approved Career and Technical Education Program in Welding.

Through Wilson Tech’s work-study program, top performing students in their second year of Welding studies supplement in class theoretical and practical instruction with on-the-job training. Wilson Tech’s faculty and administration are very excited about this partnership as our facility offers their students access to state of the art equipment not readily available on campus. In fact, electron beam or laser welding training is not currently available through any educational institution in the Northeast.

As our operation plans for future growth, part of our mission is to address this lack of professional standardized training. In addition to working directly with students, EB Industries has been invited to sit on Wilson Tech’s Career and Technical Education Advisory Board representing local industry.

For information about how sophomores and juniors in high school can register for Fall 2012 classes at Wilson Tech, call (631) 667-6000×300 or visit

For more information visit EB Industries at or call 888-978-7035.