With Manufacturing Activity on the Rise, EB Industries is Strategically Investing to Meet Customer Demand

Manufacturing in the US is on the rise, but the market is competitive, which is why EB Industries is strategically investing now.

A recent article in USA Today says, “Manufacturing activity in the U.S. expanded at the fastest pace in 2½ years last month.” The article adds that this was the fifth straight gain for the Institute of Supply Management Index.

As manufacturing activity continues to pick up, there will be increased demand for ancillary and support services from companies offering the latest technology advancements in combination with technical know-how and expertise. EB Industries is one of the companies that are leading clients to the future of manufacturing, where increased production capacity and high-quality results will be required.

Founded in 1965, EB Industries was one of the first companies in the United States to provide commercial electron beam welding services directly to manufacturers requiring precision metal joining technology. EBI welded assemblies were on the moon, as it supplied welded parts to the Apollo missions, as well as several large military aircraft programs. In 1984, EBI’s services were expanded to include laser welding, which was in response to the growing medical device and electronics industries. In 1994, with high customer demand for high-reliability components laser welded within a dry inert atmosphere, EBI introduced laser hermetic sealing to service the microelectronics, fiber optic, and implantable device industries.

“2013 economic data shows a definite increase in manufacturing orders. However, there is reluctance by our customers to invest in engineering, line capacity and capital infrastructure. EB Industries has committed to servicing these customers by providing the engineering, equipment, the appropriate level of automation, and the quality procedures and systems to cost effectively weld our customers’ parts.” says Steve DeLalio, President of EB Industries.“ For over 48 years, our customers have relied on our people and our equipment to meet their high precision welding requirements. We see 2014 as the time to increase our capabilities and our capacity to support the needs of our customers.”

This fall, EB Industries launched a comprehensive 18-month strategic growth program, with the first stage of the program completed when John DeLalio joined us as Director of New Business Development. In this role, John is responsible for overseeing the program, developing new services and technologies, and exploring new markets to serve. Other phases include adding additional laser welding and cutting technology, increasing engineering and technical staff, and expanding the floor space of the existing facility.

Today, EB Industries is proud to look back on a history of success and growth since the company’s inception. This past year, in particular, the company has seen tremendous growth in terms of resources and employees. With the help of our new team members, equipment and facilities, we fully expect to continue our upward trend by delivering efficient, reliable and consistent services.