Raytheon Approved for Laser and Electron Beam Welding

EB Industries is Raytheon Technologies approved for laser welding and electron beam welding to ASM 2680, ASM 2681 and ASM D17.1

EB Industries is now approved by Raytheon Technologies for laser welding to D17.1. This is in addition to our being approved for electron beam welding per ASM 2680 and AMS 2681. We’ve been welding parts for companies supplying Raytheon for decades, but we’re now directly approved, which makes the source selection process faster and easier.

Raytheon, which merged with United Technologies in 2020 to become Raytheon Technologies, is one of the largest defense contractors in the world. Raytheon is extremely selective when it comes to approvals, and their certification process requires extensive documentation of activities ranging from welding and manufacturing methodologies to operator training. Usually, companies like Raytheon require onsite surveys and facilities visits as part of the certification process. Due to the pandemic, onsite visits were not possible, and we had to set up technology and schedule visits and inspections virtually, adding another level of complexity to an already complex process.

Raytheon approvals are rare, especially for fusion welding: We are one of four electron beam welders qualified to weld per AMS 2680, one of five per AMS 2681 and one of twenty-two qualified to weld per AWS D17.1.

Raytheon and EB industries share a similar focus on quality, standards, and value. The section below from Raytheon’s website could, with a few minor changes, just as well be on our website:

  • Our suppliers deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet our high standards of quality and performance and enable us to solve our customers’ most pressing challenges;
  • We seek to develop strategic relationships with suppliers who hold the same values and who share the same commitment to delivering solutions that define the future of aerospace and defense.

If you’re working on parts for Raytheon, or a Raytheon supplier, our approvals mean EB Industries is a trusted partner that you can rely on for quality solutions and excellent customer service. Please contact our engineering/sales staff with any questions about project requirements. Regardless of whom your end customer might be, we’re here to make sure you get the best possible quality and service in the industry.