Precision Welding from EB Industries

Precision welding as a term doesn’t capture all our capabilities at EB Industry. Here is a brief rundown of our services and strengths.

At EB Industries we are experts at precision welding, including electron beam welding, laser beam welding and hermetic sealing job shop services. Since 1965, we have provided energy beam welding services for over 100 Fortune 500 companies.  We specialize in providing low thermal stress welding services for leaders in the fields of telecommunications, semiconductor manufacturing, fiber optics/photonics, microelectronics, medical device, manufacturing, sensors, aerospace and defense, and space and resource exploration.

We are ISO 9001:2016 / AS9100 / AC7004 / NADCAP certified.

Electron Beam Welding

Application Advantages:

  • Versatility: From .001″ to 3″ deep penetration EB welds, each performed with exceptional control and repeatability;
  • High Purity: Vacuum environment eliminates impurities such as oxides and nitrides;
  • Superior Process: Permits electron beam welding of refractory metals and combinations of many dissimilar metals not easily weldable with conventional welding processes.

Our technical staff can design and build tooling or a complete system specifically engineered for your unique electron beam welding requirements.  We can process your parts to AMS 2680, AMS 2681 or to your own specifications.

Laser Welding

Application Advantages:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Processing without the physical constraints of an enclosure or vacuum chamber enables simplified setup, rapid cycling, and less complex single station tooling;
  • Low Power Control: Precision welding of foils, thin sensor diaphragms and other critical components that demand consistent weld depths from 0.001″ to 0.100″ processed with minimal heat input;
  • Flexibility: Time-sharing and/or energy sharing of the laser beam through a fiber optic beam delivery system allows for almost unlimited processing possibilities customized for your application and production needs;
  • Versatility: A variety of materials including magnetic and dissimilar metals can be processed without the need for additional filler material or fluxes.

To ensure that all critical weld parameters are maintained, each aspect of the laser welding process is computer controlled utilizing state of the art feedback sensors. Since laser beam welding requires little or no post weld finishing, your product will be ready to ship when you receive it.

Inert atmosphere laser glove box welding is also available with moisture and oxygen levels maintained and monitored below 1 part per million.

Laser Hermetic Sealing

Application Advantages:

  • High Reliability: Laser hermetic seals are designed for long term performance in the harshest and most demanding environments;
  • Cost Effectiveness: Quick turnaround time to prevent expensive downtime in your application and production processes;
  • No Thermal Damage: Minimal heat produced, protecting precision components from destructive high temperatures;
  • Leak Test: Gross and fine mass spectrometer leak detection down to 10-11 atm cc/sec, certifiable to MIL-STD 883 and 202.

Our ESD safe laboratories are equipped with computer controlled laser glove box workstations.  All systems are capable of monitoring and controlling an inert atmosphere with moisture and oxygen levels maintained below 1 ppm. Vacuum bake batch reports are standard with every lot processed. Package design, de-lidding and RGA testing services are also available.

Engineering & Design

EBI has on staff the engineering and technical expertise required to process your parts right the first time. Mechanical designers, metallurgists, automation experts, electronic technicians, computer scientists are all available to you at EBI. Does your job require some other expertise? We also have access to various consulting engineers and numerous technical associations and institutions.

EB Industries offers guaranteed solutions to your most sophisticated welding needs.   We will work with you to choose the right low heat input welding service for your application, so call us today at 888-978-7035 or visit us at